Compliance Information

Company Registration

Pinnora Brewing is a registered trademark of Pinnora Ltd, a limited liability Company No: 09012859 - incorporated in the UK in April 2014 (further amended by company charter in May 2015 and January 2017)

Pinnora Ltd is registered at Unit 2, Jubilee Parade (rear), West End Avenue. Pinner. HA5 1BB

VAT Registration: GB 349 0947 68

Brewery Registration

Brewery Registration Number: 19/7798/00
DTRN: 026 6569 03 0000
Excise ID: GB00019779800
Warehouse Keeper ID: GBWK026656900
Registered as a producer and holder of beer at the above registered address

AWRS Registration

Pinnora Brewing take their legal responsibilities seriously and can only sell directly via retail or to verified alcohol wholesalers. We have a strict due diligence policy in place that we must follow before granting wholesale status to any trade customer and would ask you to contact our trade accounts manager -

Please note we are fully registered and approved alcohol wholesalers and our AWRS Unique Reference Number is XMAW00000114604 (registered in Jan 2018, further updated July 2020). You can verify our AWRS status using HMRC's new look-up service here.

Trade Associations

Pinnora Brewing is a fully paid up member of the following trade bodies:

  • SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers)
  • CAMRA (CAMpaign for Real Ale)
  • LBA (London Brewers' Alliance)