About Us

Our history

First formed in early 2016 in Pinner, a leafy suburb in North West London. Pinnora is Pinner’s first craft brewery and takes its name from the village dating back to the early 13th century.

Pinnora is a family owned business, established by two local brothers (Gareth & Gawain) who have family connections to the area spanning 4 generations. Indeed it was their late-father who inspired and motivated the brothers to actually pursue their long held dream of establishing a craft brewery.

Our team

Learn more about Pinnora's team shortly.

Our principles

At Pinnora Brewing we are passionate about remaining true to our company’s principles, which are set out below.

  • Remain Independent, Always.
  • Quality is King!
  • Grow Sustainably
  • Share and Support Others
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Home is Where the Heart is