About Us

Our history

At Pinnora Brewing, we are not just brewers; we are dreamers, innovators, and above all, beer lovers. Our journey began in 2016, founded by two brothers in Pinner, a leafy suburb in North West London. Our name, a nod to the village that dates back to the early 13th century, encapsulates our commitment to tradition even as we explore the exciting world of modern brewing.

Our beloved late father, a keen real ale enthusiast, served as our guiding light and ignited our passion for beer and UK pub culture. In his memory, we took the leap, honouring his love for ale and transforming it into a thriving craft beer enterprise. His spirit pervades our ethos, reminding us of the importance of pursuing our passion and, more importantly, sharing it with others.

Our journey led us to the East Coast of the USA, where we found inspiration in the burgeoning craft beer scene. We meticulously developed our recipes, experimenting with base malts, water profiles, and an array of exciting modern hops from around the globe. Our experiences culminated in an eclectic range of beers that straddle the line between tradition and innovation.

In November 2018, we took a significant leap by moving into our first commercial premises, becoming an officially registered brewery with HMRC in early 2019. This milestone marked the beginning of our adventure in the commercial brewing world, taking our passion and dedication to a wider audience.

Pinnora Brewing has faced and triumphed over challenges, most notably the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced us to halt operations in early 2020. However, we turned adversity into opportunity, refurbishing our entire brewery and installing a new three-phase power system to accommodate future expansion. We proudly re-opened our doors in May 2021 at a reduced capacity, steadily increasing production ever since.

Our achievements include winning a prestigious contract to produce the official beer for the world-famous Chelsea Pensioners and brewing exclusive beers for the inaugural Masonic Craft Beer Society Summer Social. We've been recognised with awards including Best US-Inspired Craft Brewery, Most Innovative Experimental Beer Range (for Transitory Sequence), and Best Brewery in London.

Our partnerships have extended to sponsoring the local football team Old Lyonians and collaborating with Barratt Homes for an exclusive beer and food pairing event. We've attended festivals such as the London Craft Beer Festival and are thrilled to announce our upcoming attendance at the London Brewers Alliance Festival.

Pinnora Brewing is not just about brewing beer - it is about creating an experience, a celebration of flavour, and a nod to the traditions that inspired us. It is about honouring our past and forging ahead into an exciting future. It's about embracing the exciting US-craft beer culture and ingraining that with London's rich tapestry of beer, pubs and history. We're dedicated to our craft and excited to share our passion with you.

So, here's to the past, the present, and an exhilarating future. Let's raise a glass to independent brewing. Cheers!