When two stars collide

When two stars collide

At Pinnora Brewing, we have always been enthusiastic about experimenting with new flavours, pushing our creative boundaries, and working with fellow craft beer innovators. It is in this spirit of collaboration that we teamed up with our good friends at Gravity Well to brew something extraordinary. Named 'Binary Star System,' symbolising not only the astronomical wonder of two stars orbiting each other but also the close camaraderie and shared brewing philosophies that we have with Gravity Well.

Brewed in July, coincidentally on the same day as our co-founder Gareth's birthday, Binary Star System is the embodiment of our shared passion for hazy, hoppy New England IPAs and our favourite hop varieties, Mosaic and Strata. This collaboration is truly a celebration of the love we have for craft beer and the New England style.

Owner and head brewer of Gravity Well, Ben Duck, explained:
"Ever since we first met the Pinnora guys and discovered a shared love of all things hazy and hoppy we discussed the possibility of doing a collab together. Well now we’ve finally gone and done it! Packed full of two of our favourite hops: classic Mosaic and newcomer Strata, this one embodies what we love about the New England style."

Binary Star System - Collaboration beer between Gravity Well & Pinnora Brewing

Available now, Binary Star System is available on keg; at Gravity Well's taproom, and in can from both breweries' web stores. So why wait? Venture down to Gravity Well's taproom or head over to our online store and raise a glass to independent brewing.

Here's to the Binary Star System - a stellar example of shared passion and brewing innovation!

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