Barratt Homes Partnership - Beer & Food Tasting

Barratt Homes Partnership - Beer & Food Tasting

Last night marked a partnership collaboration event between Pinnora Brewing and Barratt Homes as we co-hosted a Beer & Food tasting event. The occasion was held to celebrate the press launch of Eastman Village, Barratt Homes' new housing development located on the historic grounds of the former Kodak factory in Harrow.

We meticulously selected four of our finest brews - a Session Pale Ale, a Stout, a Sour, and an American Pale Ale. Then, in an exciting twist, we matched each beer with a particular snack, thoughtfully chosen to complement the distinct flavours of each brew. As COVID restrictions continue to ease, we remained mindful of individual comfort and opted for separate grazing boxes for each guest.

Our "four-course tasting menu" was expertly designed to amplify the synergy between the food and beer, providing a sensory journey that unfolded throughout the evening.

The night began with our experimental Session Pale Ale, with a lower ABV than we'd usually consider, at just 4.5%. Packed with citrusy undertones and fruit-forward hop character, it was paired masterfully with individual portions of Habanero Chilli Corn. The lively heat from the chilli worked perfectly against the fruitiness of the beer, creating a dynamic flavour contrast that prompted eager anticipation for the next course.

The second course introduced another experimental beer, our 7% Fruited Sour. To complement the tangy vibrancy of this brew, which featured fruit additions of blackberry, raspberry & blueberry, we opted for lemon-infused olives. The tartness of the olives mirrored the berries in the beer, creating a harmonious balance that invigorated and enhanced the palate.

The third course was decidedly decadent, featuring our highly rated "9PM Toast" Imperial Stout. This one was a risk amongst a press audience, with a robust 9% ABV, we reassured the guests that the beer's strength was masked beneath layers of rich coffee and chocolate notes and we paired this velvety stout with an array of homemade chocolate brownies, a choice that was met with overwhelming approval.

Finally, we rounded off our beer journey with a classic Cheese Board. We selected a variety of cheeses and crackers to pair with our assertively hopped American Pale Ale. This pairing was an exploration of contrasts, as the citrus and hop notes of the beer danced delightfully with the diverse flavours of the cheese selection. At a gentle 5.2% ABV, this course was a fitting, subtle conclusion to the evening's festivities.

The response we received at the event was overwhelmingly positive, with many non-craft beer and non-beer drinkers expressing surprise and delight at the complex flavours of the beer and the complementary food choices. We appreciate every guest's enthusiasm and look forward to more events like these in the future.

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